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    I am a member of Embedded Systems Research Group headed by Dr. Malitha Wijesundara at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, Sri Lanka. Our current research is focussed to formulate a solution to the Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) in Sri Lanka and the following serves as a brief to our research.

    Animal tracking by means of “collaring” is used by scientists to understand animal behavior. Currently, there is a high demand for gathering locomotion data of elephants for various reasons. It is currently exercised on a number of wild-elephants across the country via expensive commercial collars . However, energy constraints of such collars limit their use in Real Time Monitoring (RTM) systems thereby reducing the quality of locomotion data. In the context of monitoring elephants, re-charging a unit involves great expertise, immense risks and time. Nonetheless, at the time of writing, no collar in the market has addressed energy harvesting. We believe the idea of energy harvesting can be utilised to introduce a solution to the HEC. We also believe the same can be extended to create a low cost platform which will perform RTM not just on elephants, but also on a wide range of other animals over prolonged durations which has not been possible before.

    In our recent efforts, we mounted a collar on an elephant and collected over 7 million records of motion data using a collar that was designed at SLIIT. Based on that data, we completed the first prototype of the kinetic harvester in April 2016. This confirmed a daily generation of approximately 100 joules in the laboratory when the motion of the elephant was replicated with the help a homemade test rig. Further analysis through modeling indicated that we have promising results that support RTM with a frequency of 24 daily updates.

    Our next steps include designing a suitable wireless protocol for this network while improving the performance of the harvester.

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Jathun Gamage Isuru Amalinda

Research Assistant

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Research Centre,
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology,