I design various types of embedded systems especially for low power applications. I have experience designing low intensity energy harvesting systems and wireless hardware for sensor based systems which operate via GSM and S1G over long distances. I also have a thorough knowledge about various internet based protocols and making ultra-low power “things” that communicate over the internet.

I’m fluent with software such as MATLAB, KiCAD-EDA, Eclipse and Code Composer Studio. I also have based my interests on Linux kernel related development using Yocto Project, Device Trees, Single Board Computers (SBCs) and Software Defined Radio (SDR).

Most of all, I enjoy teaching and taking a group of students through the process teaching them something from ground up. I also regularly dedicate my time to completely unrelated activities such as Public Speaking, Swimming, Shaolin Martial Arts and Agriculture which help me become more productive.

Jathun Gamage Isuru Amalinda

Research Assistant

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Colombo, Sri Lanka




Research Centre,
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology,